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Adventure 4 (English) - Akce pro teenagery



•  4th TURNUS  •


We are here for you again! More adventure and new games! We have seen a big interest in adventure camps within the last few years so we have prepared already fourth one. Our adventure is in Vysočina this time. Wild nature, deep forest, adrenalin adventure challenges and the most modern extreme experiences, maximum commitment and challenge at a place that only the best of the best, the most experienced of the most experienced can handle. This action is not for everyone, it is only for those who are ready to push their limits. Don't wait for anything, go for it...

Each adventure camp has different adrenaline activities, choose an adventure stay according to the adrenaline activities you prefer.


The main program is composed from the most wanted adrenalin activities in Czech:


The game for everyone, which they don´t worry night and want to still play. Funny laser game, which playing in large labyrinth, every player has special waistcoat and laser gun in his hand, which you shooting the others and try to survive. We should play in team or everyone by himself.


At bungee running is the competitor dressed in a seat to which a rubber rope is attached. The task of this activity is to stretch this rubber rope as close as possible to the specified point. Running is more difficult according to the number of rubber ropes.


The modern sport action – two team battle simulation by using airsoft guns. During the game all safety norms are kept. Don´t worry we are using special airsoft protective equipment. All guns, clothes and protective equipment ready to borrow. We cooperate only with specialized certificate company.


You´ll try how feels alpinists – if it´s windy or hot summer, even we don´t worry raining day! Dry tooling is special climbing technique, which every climber using to vanquish frozen waterfalls and ice massive. The Czech translation "ice ax climbing" refers to ice axes that are used in this way of climbing.


Climbing wall is 200 m2 in 12 m high. Experienced lectors are teaching right techniques and watching to the kids. For bigger and more courage kids waiting here, overhanging profiles and more difficulty options. Don´t worry kids are under lector´s control and using special protective equipment.


Aquapark Laguna in Třebíč city has many sport activities options: wild river, rocking cradle, water sprouts, massages and whirlpool tables, two whirlpool and undersea caves and undersea aquarium. Around whole pool are warm sitting places. Most popular attraction is 132 m long toboggan, wellness zone and outside pool with sea water.


In remaining time, we will play camp games (teambuilding games), sports activities, physically and mentally games, Icebreakers indoor and outdoor types.


Whole program Adventure 4 (English) is under control of special lectors.

!Change program is reserved!





5x meals daily, drinks, travel allowance from Prague, Brno, Jihlava and back, accommodation, bedding, tutors, educational and medical staff, educational aids, sports equipment, whole camp program, guarantee insurance against bankruptcy of the travel agency in Generali Group.


Everybody on this action has to be insured. Travel agency Topinka offering insurance by 100,- CZK by one person and one camp comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance include: insurance of cancellation fee, luggage insurance due to theft from a locked area, permanent disability, accident resulting in death, liability for injury (health, property).


Full board with the morning and afternoon snacks, drinks are provided all day. Meals are served in the dining room in the main building. There is delicious food home-made quality.




Description of the camp: The camp is on Vysočina region in the Stará Říše village. Recreation camp Doubrava is right for kids, which don´t want to sleep in cottages or tents. Accommodation is in four-bed rooms in brick building. In the main building is kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and restrooms. In the main building is also medical room. Accommodation in this area is very comfortable. Recreation camp Doubrava offering to kids unlimited possibilities of sporting. Everybody will enjoy offer to refresh in swimming pool in the hot summer. In the camp we have football field, volleyball and basketball playground. Inside the main building are two tables for ping-pong.


Accomodation: Four-bed rooms in three buildings, blankets, pillows and fresh sheets available. In the main building is kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, restrooms and medical room.



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LDT Doubrava

Stará Říše 36

588 67 Stará Říše

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