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Adventure 3 (English) - Adrenalin camps



•  3rd TURNUS  •


Are you thinking about which camp is the best for you this summer? Are you the one who likes action and moreover needs some change? If your answer is "Yes!", this action is right for you! You will enjoy a lot of outdoor adventure activities and we will prepare challenge for you for every day of the camp. During this week you can try zorbing. Have you ever run in a huge puffy ball? No?! So you have to try it now! In the rope park then there is no choice but to check your fitness on the intricate rope obstacles. You can also try off-road scooter and give the go-kart race. It is worth mentioning outdoor lasergame, how about a battle outdoors and at night? It's a really full package, isn't it?

Each adventure camp has different adrenaline activities, choose an adventure stay according to the adrenaline activities you prefer.


The main program is composed from the most wanted adrenalin activities in Czech:


The new generation of outdoor entertainment. Absolutely safety adrenalin sports activity. The game is on playground full of obstacles, where each player is wearing a special vest and in his hand a laser gun with which he shoots at the others and tries to "survive" him-self. It can be played either in teams or individually.


Different options of difficult rope obstacle (verticals path, bridges, rope ladder, swings, racks) under control special lectors. They are using protective special equipment, includes helmets. One big conditions: You must at least 130cm tall!!!


"Ball game" - each participant is strung into an inflatable ball and can be used to play football, sumo or handball. We can safely romp, jump, fall, roll, bounce, and who knows what else we can think of. Put the inflated bodyzorbing ball over your head on the body, fasten the straps and the game can begin.




Mountain scooters are good for funs of adrenalin sports, but of course for fun recreation riders. Perfect brake system is good for slowly ride, but of course you can ride fast. It´s only up to you, how you will ride.


Go-kart race - each pilot takes part in five separate races, from which the ranking will be based on the points gained in each race. The kart changes every race. It is run in the indoor karting hall in Tábor city on machines serviced by a professional company.


In remaining time, we will play camp games (teambuilding games), sports activities, physically and mentally games, Icebreakers indoor and outdoor types.


Whole program Adventure 3 (English) is under control of special lectors.

!Change program is reserved!




5x meals daily, drinks, travel allowance from Prague and back, accommodation, bedding, tutors, educational and medical staff, educational aids, sports equipment, whole camp program, guarantee insurance against bankruptcy of the travel agency in Generali Group.


Everybody on this action has to be insured. Travel agency Topinka offering insurance by 100,- CZK by one person and one camp comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance include: insurance of cancellation fee, luggage insurance due to theft from a locked area, permanent disability, accident resulting in death, liability for injury (health, property).


Full board with the morning and afternoon snacks, drinks are provided all day. Meals are served in the dining room in the main building. There is delicious food home-made quality.

Glutten free diet - food for kids which need glutein free food. Price is 490,- CZK.

Diabetics diet - food for kids with diabetes, by the rules of diabetics diet, price is 490,- CZK.




Description of the camp: This action is in recreation camp Růžená, in the middle of south Czech 10 km from Milevsko, in area is by pond Pařezitý. You can also swim here. The pond has beach inside in recreation camp Růžená. We also have volleyball place and football fields, around are forests, where we can play a lot of various games.


Accomodation: 4 or 6 people cottages. Blankets, pillows and fresh bedclothes are available. Toilets and bathrooms are situated in main building.



Children's name, camp title

RS Růžená

399 01 Milevsko

mapa zde



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